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Corporate communication

is the driving force that connects, convinces, and enhances, transforming the identity

and values of the company into persuasive messages, guiding success  through

an effective market strategy.

Company Storytelling

It's about the representative narrative of your company. Not just in terms of performance and services, but specifically about the individuals in the company, the people who are part of the team, the spirit and working atmosphere, the company philosophy, and everything that represents the essence with which a brand was created and operates within the market.

This is a crucial aspect and what most attracts and retains users, as it unveils the human character behind a brand and reduces the distance with the clientele.

Brand Identity

As the term suggests in English, it is the identity of a brand or business.

In practice, it involves the combination of elements, both practical and productive, that make up and define a company in the best way possible. Once identified, these elements are organized and presented, focusing on a clear, attractive, and identity-driven communication strategy, aiming to create a solid image that users can recognize and employees can identify with.

Social Media Management

Social media are playing an increasingly predominant role in today's world, and consequently, in the market as well. Therefore, there is a looming need for every business to be present and active in the social media landscape.

There are various types of social networks, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities, with its own market share and role, and, above all, each distinguished by its different way of communicating. For a company that wants to remain competitive, up-to-date, and present in the market, it is crucial to be active and invest in social networks and their communication strategies.

Account Manager

After opening various social media profiles and implementing your marketing strategy, the need for a role arises to manage social media pages. This involves updating information and descriptions, responding to messages, and creating and posting new content on a weekly basis.

Marketing Strategy

After outlining the above points and establishing the corporate identity, it is crucial to set a strategy, a functional and effective method for disseminating the image and presence of a brand in the global and local market.

A advertising and communication campaign must be prepared to take root and expand in the professional landscape, enabling and fostering the growth of the brand in question, so that it can reach an increasing number of users.


To implement effective and impactful communication, it is necessary to write texts that describe various aspects of a business. These texts should be written in a linguistically correct manner, and in addition, they should be fluid, engaging, and comprehensive. Furthermore, there is often a need to have translated versions in various languages to meet market requirements.

Brand Communication

Once the image and identity of a company are created, it is necessary to develop a program or plan to communicate the corporate identity. This plan consists of a written narrative, market research, and a strategic schedule that outlines how, where, and when to publish the corporate narrative. In practice, brand communication involves identifying and using different types of industry-specific language effectively and appropriately, tailored to various communication media.

Special features

Marketing and Communication Consulting

Our company also provides a consulting service where our industry specialists offer their expertise to assist and advise businesses in implementing or creating growth strategies within various markets.

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