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About us


Graphic & Web Designer,

handles the conception, creation, and realization of the identity and visual communication of a company.

After studying Visual Communication with a focus on Media & Interaction, before diving into the fields of web design and visual identity, she worked in television at RSI as a videomaker and editor.

Thanks to this experience, she can also offer a service related to photography, video shooting, editing, and montage.


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As an expert in marketing and communication, he manages every aspect of corporate communication, including the creation of a brand identity, the planning and implementation of marketing strategies, copywriting, and the creation and administration of social media identity.

After studying philosophy, before entering the exciting world of marketing and communication, he focused on content creation, scriptwriting, and ghostwriting for various YouTube channels dedicated to education, information, and entertainment. He went on to open and manage a successful podcast during the pandemic. Thanks to these newly acquired skills, in addition to the aforementioned ones, he also offers consulting services for content creation in media/social platforms and corporate communication and branding strategies.



In addition to our services, we pride ourselves on collaborating with specialized IT companies in professional systems for businesses and in data protection and cybersecurity.

We have entered into these collaborations with the intention of providing a service

that is as comprehensive, efficient, functional, and convenient as possible, encompassing and addressing every possible aspect related to the creation

of a website and its practical and communicative functionality.

This combined service not only avoids the hassle of having to turn to various separate entities, repeating the same information multiple times but also allows different sectors to work together cohesively and in constant contact with each other.

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